A Guide to Shipping Cars from the USA to Nigeria

July 7, 2022

Although it may not be well known, Nigeria is the most commonly selected country for American automobile exports. Each year, thousands of vehicles sail to Lagos, the country's largest metropolis. You might be able to profit from the growing Nigerian market if you own used automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, or other vehicles. But before you do, it's crucial to comprehend some of the specifics of automobile shipping to Nigeria. The following is a brief overview of the procedure to help you understand what is involved.


What's Required To Export A Car From The United States?

The vehicle will be inspected by U.S. Customs before departure. Therefore, all necessary documents must be in order.

·       All documents should be submitted in at least two certified copies.

·       The documents must be ready at least 72 hours before departure.

·       Keep in mind that only automobiles with a legal title or certificate may be exported.

·       Select the delivery method of your choice. Vehicles can be shipped to several ports via container consolidation and RORO (roll-on, roll-off) transportation.


How to Ship a Car from the USA to Nigeria?

You can find the most affordable rates in the market when shipping an automobile to Nigeria. Experts will handle it for you and take the stress out of shipping a car, truck, yacht, motorcycle, or large machineries like a tractor or trailer. Thanks to the international car shipping service, you may ship a vehicle without stress. You can decide to have your car transported to Nigeria in containers or on a RORO (Roll On Roll Off)cargo ship.


Shipping Vehicles in Containers to Nigeria

Containers can be exclusive or shared and come in conventional sizes (dimensions) for shipping autos to Nigeria. The most popular sizes—20 feet, 40 feet, 40 feet HC (high cube), 45 feet, 48 feet, and 53 feet—are typically available from all exit ports; however, some shipping companies might not offer all sizes to certain locations.

Advantages of using shipping containers:

·       Shipping your car in a secure, enclosed environment

·       Along with your vehicle, you can ship extras or personal effects.

·       For a flexible fee, you can ship numerous vehicles in a single container.

·       Highly adaptable for both short- and long-distance shipping


Automobile RORO shipping to Nigeria

The roll-on/roll-off shipping method is very popular, especially for cars that are still in working order, and is chosen for its ease of usage, low cost, and quick handling.

Automobiles, motorcycles, lorries, trailers, and other wheeled items are driven onto and off the ship. This kind of self-propelled, towable, or forklift cargo can be loaded onto these ships.

RORO shipping only works with run-and-drive vehicles and has limited routes and regular timetables.

RORO Shipping Advantages

·       When compared to exclusive containers, RORO shipping is more affordable.

·       Reliable departure and arrival dates are ensured by RORO shipping.

·       The RORO shipping process is easy and quick.


Documents Needed to Ship a Vehicle to Nigeria

·       Registration and title

·       The original invoice for payment

·       Insurance documents

·       Passport

·       Serial number, make, and model

·       Packing order

·       Value and origin certification


How Long Does Shipping a Car from the U.S. to Nigeria Take?

It can take some time, but not a lot of time to ship cars from the USA to Nigeria. The port in the USA from which the automobile departs and the port in Nigeria at which it is intended to arrive depends on the time of year

The expected delivery period for a car from the USA to Nigeria is between 40 and 65 days.


What Is The Cost To Ship Cars From The United States To Nigeria?

Nigeria is one of the more expensive places to send an automobile to from the United States because of the shipping distance, the scarcity of routes, and the difficulty of accessing ports in the region.

Depending on the shipping method, the vehicle's kind and location in the USA, and the port in Nigeria you wish to ship it to, shipping costs to Nigeria can vary.


Nigeria Car Shipping Regulations and Restrictions

In general, there are a few laws and guidelines that apply to the importation of vehicles from the United States or any other foreign country. You must review the laws and guidelines your nation has for importing cars before you purchase or acquire any new, used, or salvaged vehicles. Before placing a bid or purchasing a car, learn about the shipping process as not all nations permit it.

You can start with these three ideas:

1.     Auto Age:


For instance, many nations impose age restrictions on imported vehicles. Make sure the car isn't too old to import first.


2.     Vehicle Situation


Since some nations forbid the import of damaged vehicles and demand minimum criteria and conditions for the automobile to be approved, you should check for this possibility if you intend to import salvage vehicles.


3.     Import Fees and Taxes:


When exporting a vehicle from the United States to another state or nation, one of the main problems you want to address is import taxes and charges. Every country has its own set of laws. In general, these regulations specify the different tariffs and taxes that are in force for the importation of new, used or salvage cars.

There is no limitation on whether vehicles imported to Nigeria are right-hand drive or left-hand drive. However, the age of automobiles being imported to Nigeria cannot be more than 14.5 years old. These same laws don't seem to apply to larger vehicles like vans and trucks. In any case, there is no restriction on the number of automobiles you can import into Nigeria.

Nigerian import laws can be strict, but they are generally not complicated when it comes to personal vehicles. Even though there will be plenty of paperwork required, most of it will already bein the owner's possession.


Royale Global is the best place to start if you're prepared to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity. You can ship internationally with ease, thanks to Royale Global. All you have to do is wait for your automobile to arrive because they handle the majority of the paperwork on the USA side.

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