Corn Export Market in the U.S.

March 26, 2022

In2018, total corn exports from the United States hit 2.7 billion bushels. Today, U.S. corn production and exports account for almost 38 percent of total world corn exports. According to the International Food Information Council, they account for 31 percent of total world corn production.

Corn is one of the most critical field crop in the United States, with an annual production of 14 billion bushels. In addition, corn exports from the United States account for 14 percent of the overall output.

Corn exports from the United States for the 2022 marketing year (October-September)are expected to rise by 3 million metric tones (mt) from the previous estimate to a record high of 73 million metric tones (mt). Further, the report cited continued strong foreign demands.

Is exporting from the USA to UAE difficult?

For starters, finding the correct people and marketing to them is difficult. You also have to convince them to buy your product and sell it. As an exporter, you must find other modes of transportation for your goods if you are accustomed to delivering them by truck. You must also ensure that all necessary transportation documentation is completed for each shipment.

Unless you are just exporting to English-speaking countries, it is challenging to bean exporter due to the language barrier you may encounter. You may also have to deal with cultural challenges, ranging from unfamiliar business habits and standards to extended periods away from your office (at least during non-pandemic times). If you are not aware of any of these factors when you export, you may lose valuable time, and if your cargo is delayed, you may incur financial losses.

To export successfully, you must interact with a variety of customs agencies, differing country regulations, and an array of legal requirements—including contracts, various import regulations in different countries, and recognizing when you need to obtain permits—to name a few (for example, food, drugs, and cosmetics are just a few things that require extra approval).

In addition to dealing with international regulations (which have an impact on customs), you also have to deal with requirements from the United States. This effectively doubles the amount of work you have to accomplish.

Finally, how can you ensure that you are paid for your shipment when exporting to someone on the other side of the world? You must deal with several currencies, banks, documentation, and financing arrangements, making the payment structure more complicated to traverse.

It would be best if you also examined the risk and creditworthiness of the customer. Unfortunately, it is significantly more difficult for exporters to determine whether a person is creditworthy or whether they must be paid in advance. Aside from client risk, there is also nation risk—some countries are more complicated and troublesome to work with than others. Our white paper, Evaluating Export Markets: How to Assess Country and Customer Issues, looks over these risks in-depth and offers specific assistance in each area.

How can Royale Global help?

Royale Global is a leading exporter of high-quality corn, assisting you in increasing your revenues and brand recognition. We are an international trading company dedicated to promoting American-made goods and the companies that make them. We work closely with our worldwide trading partners that help US manufacturers export corn and other products to Middle Eastern countries.

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