How can I import a car from the US to UAE?

April 18, 2022

Is it possible to bring an automobile from the US to the United Arab Emirates? Car imports shipping costs from the United States to the United Arab Emirates start at USD 1,095 and take 20 to 35 days to complete, depending on the car's make and type, the closest departure port in the United States, and your final destination in the UAE. This article has covered any questions you may have about importing a car from the US to UAE.

How to import a car from the US to UAE?

Before importing, you'll need to obtain special authorization from the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) or an Emirates Visa. Ensure that the vehicle you're importing has been updated to meet UAE criteria; otherwise, you may be charged additional fees. Importing cars with a right-hand drive is prohibited.

To move your automobile from the United States to the UAE, select an international auto import service and your desired import method. Make a list of the departure and arrival ports for your vehicle. Check if the vehicle's undercarriage is clean and clear of foreign soil. 

Some important things to keep in mind:

Do you plan to keep the car in UAE permanently or just for a short period? 

Do you intend to import an old vehicle or a new one? Have you had the car for at least six months? 

These and other factors will determine your vehicle's eligibility for import into the UAE. You must have valid UAE residency permission to transfer an automobile into the UAE. Unless you obtain a business register for car sales and imports, you will not have access to more than one car a year.

What happens after the car reaches the UAE?

When you arrive in the UAE, you must declare your vehicle at Customs. In addition, the given documents will be required:

The original invoice and original certificate of origin will be required for new automobiles. In addition, all cars must have a US Customs Export Declaration, a Certificate of Vehicle Export from the US Department of Transportation, valid insurance, and identification. Foreign private motor vehicles (not registered in any of the GCC states) may be granted a temporary admission license if they meet the following criteria:

  • The duration is six months for motor vehicles with a valid foreign travel carnet (180 days).
  • For motor vehicles not covered by a valid CPD, the period is three months, renewable for similar periods if the applicant offers a bank guarantee or a deposit equal to the custom duties payable on the vehicle.

What do you need for Temporary Admission of Foreign Vehicles? 

  • Valid license and registration are required for the temporary admission of foreign private motor vehicles.
  • During the temporary admission period, an approved insurer in the nation must provide enough insurance coverage.
  • An international CPD carnet approved in any GCC state must be supplied to guarantee the amount of customs taxes/duties.
  • The person must be the owner of the car or be permitted to drive it under a particular valid proxy given by the nation of vehicle registration.
  • You must have a valid residency permit in the country where you registered your vehicle if you are not a citizen of that country.

What are some advantages of importing a vehicle from the US to the UAE?

You may get a wide range of vehicles from the American market at highly reasonable prices. The United States offers the best infrastructure for exporting automobiles through appropriate channels. First, choose a car exporter like Royale Global that can immediately assist you in transporting autos at a reasonable rates. Then, select the most effective avenue for car export from the United States to the United Arab Emirates.

What We Do

In the United States, we buy high-quality used cars and sell them to consumers worldwide. Automobiles of all makes and models are available for purchase. Our clients buy these old cars to resell in their local markets and profit handsomely because they are reliable and in high demand worldwide. If you are not interested in reselling, owning the vehicle for your private use is an excellent option. 

How Royale Global Provides You with Your Favorite Vehicles

Negotiating a deal for old cars to be exported from the United States is one thing; getting them to you is another. This attempt necessitates a complex mix of logistics and negotiating, which might occasionally span multiple countries. It's impossible to do independently, regardless of how big your company is.

Royale Global assures that your goods arrive safely and undamaged. We work hard to create cost-effective options that allow your business to grow by using USA export automobiles. Royale Global also ensures that all legal standards are satisfied and in all jurisdictions.

We at Royale Global don't consider our job done until you have the keys to the vehicle and all essential documents in your possession. Even if it is along voyage to import cars from the United States to the United Arab Emirates, we handle primary transportation and freight forwarding to the ultimate destination to ensure that your automobiles arrive in mint condition.


We make it simple to locate, purchase, and export used vehicles in the United States. We select the greatest USA automobiles through our industry relationships and export them to you fast and at a reasonable price. In addition, we work with international buyers interested in placing substantial orders for business or personal reasons. So whether you're a small business looking to resale old cars for a profit, a company looking for a professional fleet, or an individual searching for quality automobiles for personal use, we can put you in the driver's seat swiftly and affordably.

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