Rules to Export Used Cars from USA

September 22, 2022

Many dealers and businesses look forward to buying used cars from USA. Not only are these cars equipped with better and advanced features but these cars are usually in great condition than their counterparts. While it is best to seek professional help when you import cars from the USA, it is always a good idea to be familiar with the process of how to buy used cars available for export from the USA. This guide will provide you with the necessary knowledge so that you know the right questions to ask while choosing an automotive exporter.


Did you know all the vehicles to be exported follow the same procedure?


The U.S. Customs & Border Protection has laid out the same requirements for export of all vehicles regardless of what kind of self-propelled vehicle it is. So, no matter if a firm is exporting a car, motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile, all of them will go through the same process of export. Each of the vehicles to be exported goes through the U.S. Customs at the port where the vehicle is exported to another country, such as the UAE.


*A self-propelled vehicle refers to any vehicle that runs on land but not rail.

*Used cars refers to any car with the equitable or legal title which has been transferred by a manufacturer, distributor, or dealer to an ultimate purchaser (the person other than the dealer purchasing in his capacity as a dealer for purposes other than resale)


Do I need professional help when importing American used cars to my country?

The process of exporting a car from the United States to other countries is quite complicated even if the manufacturer is making the deal. Since buying American used cars is a huge investment, you don’t want any risks or delays due to some mistakes that could have been avoided. Therefore, it becomes necessary to seek the help of only certified exporting contractors to ensure that you buy used cars available for export from U.S.


Trading of cars through export is only possible if the country importing cars is registered as one that has good trading relationship with the United States. There are regulations that allow car export only if the automotive exporting company has only cars with necessary documentation.


The arrangement must be registered and recorded with an agency for both tax purposes and to make sure that no further complications emerge. The other country’s government may get involved and any proceeds for the sale are required to pass through official channels with receipts and other paperwork documented correctly.


Some of these used vehicles are also prohibited for sale based on the country and other vehicles are offered based on weak sales or research into the brand within that specification. It is critical to ensure that the arrangement is fully legitimate and falls within the regulations of country-specific trade deals. Having an experienced professional with you will make the entire process so much easier for you.


What documents are needed to buy used cars for export from the U.S.A.?

Since documentation must be complete and correct, it is important to know what documentation is needed to buy used cars from the United States.


·      A person exporting used cars from the US to another country is required to present, both the vehicle and the required documentation that includes the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

·      If a vehicle doesn’t have VIN, its Product Identification Number (PIN) must be included.

·      Car export is permitted only if the process is compliant with the above requirements, unless the vehicle was entered into the US under a bond procedure, a carnet, a Temporary Importation Bond, or under the personal exemption of non-residents who entered the vehicle for a one-year period.

·      For those cars that are exported by vessel or aircraft, the documentation and the vehicle must be presented to Customs at least 72 hours before export.

·      For those cars that are exported by rail, highway, or under their own power, the documentation must be presented to Customs at least 72hours before export and the vehicle must be presented to Customs at the time of exportation.

·      Port directors define locations at which automotive exporters are required to present the documentation and the vehicles for inspection.

·      Customs determines the authenticity of the documents submitted. Once verified, Customs will mark the original documents. In most cases, original documents are returned to the exporter after inspection.

·      In cases where the original title document was submitted to Customs and retained by Customs and cannot be found before the vehicle exportation, the exporter’s authenticated copy of the original documentation acts as evidence of compliance with the reporting requirements.

·      For used cars with the original title certificate issued by the United States, the owner is required to present the original Certificate of Title or its certified copies.

·      For a used car with a foreign title, the owner must present the original document and two complete copies of that document to Customs. This document must provide satisfactory proof of ownership along with an English translation if the text is in a foreign language.

·      For newly manufactured vehicles that become used and issued a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (SO) but not issued a Certificate of Title by any jurisdiction in the United States, the owner is required to present an original SO and two complete copies of the original SO.

·      For newly manufactured vehicles that become used but not issued an SO or Title certificate by any jurisdiction in the United States, the owner must establish that the jurisdiction from where the vehicle comes does not have any ownership documentation requirements regarding such vehicles and provide to Customs the original ownership such as a dealer’s invoice and two complete copies of the original documents.


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