The Trend of Increased Export of Almonds from the USA to India

February 3, 2022

The United States remains the world’s largest exporter of almonds as it consistently produces higher yields of quality almonds that have high demand across the globe. Per 2020data, it’s  share in the almond export market is over 65 percent, which shows the country is the leader in almond exports. California almond growers produce almonds in hefty amounts year after year. Even though almonds are also grown in 7 other countries, including Spain, Italy, and Australia, about 80 percent of the world’s almond supply comes from California alone.

On the other hand, India continues to be the top foreign market for US almond export for years. Are you wondering, how? Let’s find out.

What Makes India a Top Foreign Market for US Almonds?

The business activity of almond export from the USA to India is growing as India’s almond demand is continuously surging. In the last few years, consumption of almonds is increasing continuously because of the widening awareness of health benefits of almonds and other tree nuts among growing middle-class consumer segment. While advertisements are raising awareness and desirability of almond consumption benefits, more households are perceiving almonds as a healthy and immunity-building snack, especially at a time of public health crisis.

Another factor that is driving the demand for almonds in India is the rise of e-commerce platforms amid the Covid-19 lockdowns. With an increasing number of Indian consumers shopping for groceries online, almonds are finding their way into online shopping carts in greater quantities than any other nuts in comparison. As the middle-class in India is expanding (reaching around 350 million strong), the awareness for eating healthy foods and nuts is pushing the demand further. According to domestic estimates, the pandemic accelerated the consumption of almonds in India.

Due to it’s nutritional benefits, almonds are considered as a super food that is good for the brain and that comes with immunity building properties. In India, they are one of the best natural sources for nourishing children with many essential nutrients, including protein. Regardless of the season, almonds are consumed in India in one form or another, and parents highly prefer to nourish their children by including a few almonds in their daily diet.

In fact, a very high majority of Indian parents believe that consuming almonds make their children more energetic throughout the day. Another survey led by the market research company Ipsos revealed that 9/10 mothers in both Tier-I and II cities rank specifically ‘almond’ as the healthiest form of snacking.

The increased demand for almonds is also a reflection of enhanced affordability and more willingness to spend money on healthy snacks which were previously considered highly expensive and out of reach of a common man. That’s not all! It is not just the almond nut itself that people like to have to reap its benefits, its usage in other applications, such as sweets, cosmetics, and aromatherapy is also driving the demand for almonds in India.

Hence, almond export from the USA to India is booming at an unprecedented rate.

For any help with almond trading from the USA to India, please feel free to get in touch with us.  

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