Tree Nut Exports from the USA

November 8, 2021

Tree Nut Exports from the USA

The United States produces many tree nuts, with California being the country's biggest producer. Almost 90 percent of the state's nut supply is gathered from orchards each year, including nearly all almonds, pistachios, and walnuts. In 2012, the United States produced 2.7 million tons of tree nuts, a 4% increase over the previous year.

·     Almond

California is the only state that commercially produces almonds. The 2020 almond crop was 2.25 billion pounds, worth $5.5 billion.

Almond consumption per person in the United States has steadily increased, reaching 2.38 pounds in the2019/2020 crop year.

Internationally, the United States continues to be the leading producer of almonds, accounting for 78 percent of the global crop, followed by the European Union. California is the country's leading producer.

·     Chestnuts

Although the United States is one of the few countries that can cultivate chestnuts, it lacks a substantial chestnut industry. The production of chestnuts in the United States accounts for less than 1% of total global production. On more than 3,700 acres,919 farms in the United States grow chestnuts.

Michigan, Florida, California, Oregon, and Virginia were the top five states of chestnut acreage.

In 2017, the United States imported 3,200 metric tons of chestnuts. The USDA does not publish separate information on chestnut production and consumption in the United States.

Overview of current tree nut exports from the USA

The value of US tree nut exports to the world in 2020 was $8.4 billion, a 7% decline from 2019. The top three markets, accounting for 54% of sales, were the European Union (EU27+UK), India and China, with $2.9 billion, $914 million, and $746 million, respectively. While tree nut exports increased to India (11%), China (23%), and Canada (6% in 2020), this was more than offset by decreasing sales to Hong Kong, the EU27+UK, and the UAE.

Unit prices have fallen as a result of record harvests, particularly for almonds. Despite difficulties caused by retaliatory tariffs and tight phytosanitary standards, US exports dominate the global almond, pistachio, and walnut markets.

The breakdown of 2020 tree nut exports was as follows: 55% almonds ($4.7 billion), 20% pistachios ($1.7 billion), 15% walnuts ($1.2 billion), 5% pecans ($432 million), 4% 'mixed & other nuts' ($296 million), and 1% hazelnuts ($97 million).

The rest of the world adores America's tree nuts. The United States is the world's top producer and exporter of tree nuts, including almonds, walnuts, and pecans. This is why international trade is so vital to the industry.

It's also why China's high retaliatory tariffs, as well as those threatened by India, have left many growers unsure of their future steps. Sales are dwindling, causing some producers to postpone purchases of new equipment and others to postpone plans to plant more trees.

The trade war is particularly damaging to California, which is home to many tree nuts.

According to the Almond Board of California, the Golden State produces more than 80% of the world's almonds and exports 70% of them. This year's yield is estimated to be a record2.45 billion pounds.

According to Richard Waycott, CEO of the industry organization, the board has spent more than two decades cultivating its commercial relationship with China, representing a $600 million business. Approximately 9% of US almonds are exported to China.

On the other hand, China has hiked tariffs on American nuts twice in recent months in response to President Donald Trump's tariff increases on aluminum and steel that China imports to the US. Almonds now have a 50 percent levy, up from 10 percent earlier this year.

Mexico's Historic Nut Import to the United States

Mexico is the leading provider of imported nuts to the United States. In 2010, about $200 million was spent on Mexican nuts. This enormous sum, according to more current data, is a recent trend. Until 2004, the US had never spent more than $100 million on Mexican nuts. Since 2004, the volume of Mexican nuts imported has continuously increased. Is this due to the drop in the value of the US dollar or because it imports a greater quantity of nuts?

A glance at the dollar to peso exchange rate reveals that in 2000, one dollar was worth roughly ten pesos, whereas, in 2010, it was worth about thirteen pesos. This increase in value is most likely connected with an increase in the product. Mexico's increased export of nuts reinforces this.

Agricultural Exports from the United States

We source high-quality agricultural food exports from across the United States for export to countries in need.

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Tree Nut Exports from the United States

Royale Global can handle significant cashew exports, walnut exports, pistachio exports, and almond exports from the United States. While tree nut exporters are competitive, the quality of USA food exports we can negotiate for your firm truly distinguishes these transactions.

There are tree nuts available everywhere, and then there are gold-standard top-notch grade cashews, walnuts, pistachios, and almonds that you must import from the United States to differentiate yourself from competition in your local markets.

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Collaboration with Royale Global

Royale Global is a US export trading company dedicated to providing high-quality US products. As a result of that commitment, we only negotiate for premium agricultural exports grown in the United States. We connect, negotiate, ship, and forward agricultural exports from the United States so that you can outperform your competition in your local markets anywhere in the globe.

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