What Shipping Methods are Preferred to Export Cars from the USA?

September 15, 2022

The auction of second-handcars in the USA is very organized. It’s because people from different corners of the world are very interested in buying US-based premium cars, which are very costly if bought firsthand. Other than this, car buyers meet with less vehicle depreciation and have to spend less on insurance and registration. Most importantly, buyers feel satisfied that the vehicle is in good condition even after being used. In simple words, foreign buyers get US-based premium cars without paying the actual amount and saving on other formalities. 


Buying a premium car is luxury but exporting it is a big deal. You will get many premium second-handcars in the USA but exporting it to your land becomes challenging. One of the biggest fears is the damage during transit. It’s because repairing a damaged premium car is costly. This can only be avoided if you connect with the right used car exporter in the USA with complete insurance. 


Another factor to consider for the safe transportation of the car is the shipping method. There are two common methods- RORO ships and Container Ships. Based on different parameters, the exporting company decides the shipping mode. But, some companies prefer only one method because they don’t have the other option. So, it becomes important for you to know and understand the shipping options and choose the right one. 


RORO ships- It is popular for quickness of cargo handling 

Compared to container ships, the RORO ships are faster, easiest, and safer to handle for exporting second-hand cars in the USA. The RORO ships are used for shipping different small and large items. But, they specialize in car transportation only. 


RORO ships are also known as roll-on/roll-off ships because the cars get on and off the ship by self-propelled. There is no loading and transporting containers in RORO ships; instead, it has a feature that a car can be self-propelled and loaded directly onto the ship. 


Generally, the RORO ships were developed considering the transportation of more vehicles in a short time. This is why they were called Pure Car Carrier or PCC. 


If you have a port for RORO ships, you should opt for second-hand cars in the USA for export using this shipping method only. 



When there is no port for RORO ships at your destination, you can export your used car from the USA using container ships. This is also a better option but comes with some limitations. There are two standard sizes of container ships- 20ft and 40ft. If your car is larger, shipping might be challenging using container ships. 


Another limitation of container ships is that they can load 3 to 4 cars only and transport a group of cars at a time. This might delay your car shipment, leading to other problems. So, you should communicate with your export partners as early as possible. With early intervention, you might get your car transported soon without any problem. 


There is one major benefit of container ships. With container ships, it is possible to suppress the risk of cars being stolen or scratched during transportation. So, it’s a better option to transport special and luxury second-hand cars from the USA. 


We know you are concerned about the safety of your car during transportation. But, this can only be possible if you choose the right shopping method. For this, you should present all your requirements to the export company as well as tell your expectations. Most importantly, you should sit with your export partner and discuss everything before exporting your car. 


Just keep in mind that there are other car export methods as well. But, the two options discussed above are the common ones. You should ask for other options from your export partner. You might save a few more bucks from other transportation methods. 


Other things to consider before exporting your car


Your used car should be eligible to export 

As already said, auctions of second-hand cars in the USA are very common. There are different platforms through which the auctions are organized and buyers connect with the sellers. Every auction provides information about the title of the car as well as the documents of its ownership in the USA. 


You should keep an eye on the title of the car that you are purchasing and if it’s exportable. If the car has junk, is parts-only, or is designated as scrap, its shipment won’t be released by customs. 


In the USA, a car that doesn’t have a title or comes only with a bill of sale cannot be exported without processing additional paperwork. Some classic cars are issued without titles. If you are planning to export these cars, they will require more steed than shipping common cars. Your export partner might help you in preparing additional documents. 


With the help of your export company, you can identify second-hand cars in the USA for export. 


Your documents should be ready 

Documentation is very important for exporting a car from the USA. If you miss any of the documents, the custom will stop your shipment or charge penalties, which are usually very high. 


We know it’s the job of the export company, but you should also be aware of the necessary documents to avoid any problems in transit. 


To ensure a smoother transition, you gather all the relevant documents and double-check them all. Some of the important documents are a government-issued ID and a certificate of title along with a bill of sale transferred to your name if you are exporting from the USA car auctions. You should fill out all the documents accurately. Make sure you complete all the payments and fees to avoid any disruption in the shipping. 


Pick one of your favorite premium second-hand cars in the USA for export and enjoy luxury. Don’t worry about export because Royale Global is with you. Contact us whenever you plan to buy a second-hand car in the USA. 

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