Who to Partner with to Export Cosmetics from the USA to UAE?

May 4, 2022

The United Arab Emirates has developed into a global commercial and logistics powerhouse. Personal care and beauty products are a rising market in the UAE, with significant growth from the local market.

In order to promote customer safety and uniform product quality, the UAE government supervises the cosmetics industry.

Before exporting to the UAE market, imported manufactured Personal Care & Perfumes must obtain approval from the relevant authorities.

Things to Consider Before Importing and Selling Cosmetics and Perfumes in the United Arab Emirates

1.    The Legal Framework for the Cosmetics Industry in the UAE

The Cosmetic and Perfumes Sector in the UAE is governed by the Cosmetic Law and the Fragrance Law. To protect client safety, the marketing of cosmetics and perfumes in the UAE is subject to several government permits.

2.   Safety Requirements to Meet When Selling Cosmetics in the UAE

The cosmetics industry in the United Arab Emirates must adhere to the safety guidelines of the Gulf Standard Organization (GSO).

GSO Compliance assures that the products are devoid of any banned or restricted substances in the UAE. Also, the product must be safe for people to consume and have no adverse effects when used correctly. Under typical conditions, the qualities of the products must not change over their shelf life in the store.

3.   Packaging and Wrapping of Products

The packaging and wrapping of the cosmetics must comply with the UAE GSO standards. The products must be placed in clean, well-sealed containers that don't have sharp edges. In addition, the quantity specified must be tested and pass quality assurance.

Cosmetic Brands Selling in the UAE Should Follow Labeling Standards

The most crucial aspect is labeling; it must adhere to particular requirements, such as:

·      The font is easy to read and erase.

·      The product's name and brand

·      Name and address of manufacturer/supplier/distributor

·      Originating Country

·      The product's nominal content

·      Expiry date

·      Conditions of use, cautious statements, and warning statements

·      Batch code/batch number

·      Purpose of the product

·      Ingredients

Another important feature is the printing in both English and Arabic for the following sections:

·      The purpose of the product

·      Instructions for use and preventive information

·      Instructions for safe storage

Labels must contain information that has been scientifically or lab-verified, is accurate, and is not misleading.

4.   ESMA Certificate of Conformity for Beauty Products

The Emirates Standardization and Metrological Authority are in charge of the Personal Care segment (ESMA). The UAE requires cosmetics to be approved by ECAS before they can be exported.

To import the relevant products into the country and distribute them to consumers, the ECAS Approval must be informed to the Customs Department.

5.   Product Registration from the UAE Municipality

Imported commodities and locally created perfumes and cosmetics must be registered with the appropriate municipality in the UAE before getting sold on the market. Also, there will be sample testing and permission from the authorities.

Only companies based in the United Arab Emirates are allowed to register products with ESMA and the relevant municipalities.

What to Know About Cosmetic Product Registration in the UAE?

Certain procedures have been put in place to monitor product quality, uphold international standards, and promote the UAE's expanding cosmetics industry.

Cosmetic firms must follow a series of guidelines and procedures in order to sell their goods in the UAE.

1.   Rules and Regulations for Product Registration

It is vital to register a product with ESMA and the municipality in the UAE before selling it in the local market. A company must register its products with the municipality in which it is based in the UAE.

According to the municipality, the product must meet the required health and safety criteria (Consumer Product Safety Section). If the product is rejected, a Product Assessment Report is provided, mentioning that it is not suitable for distribution in the UAE.

2.   The Criteria for Product Registration

From the date of issuing the goods registration certificate, the product registration is valid for five years. Upon expiration, the product will be reviewed by the municipality, and if it meets all the standards, the registration will be extended.

The Dubai Municipality must receive the Company Trade License, Product Registration form, product sample, clearances, GMP certification, and ECAS approval before issuing the product registration certificate.

3.   Cosmetic Product Registration Procedures

For receiving the green light to trade cosmetic products in the UAE, several documentary evidence, authorizations, and permissions are required.

Steps in the Registration of Beauty Products in the UAE:

·      The firm should have a current Trade License for the Cosmetics Trading operation. In addition, the business must be registered with the Dubai Municipality.

·      To begin the procedure, fill out the Product Registration Service Application and pay the fee.

·      Send a copy of the product's label evaluation for registration in the municipality.

Approval of documents is essential before the product may be registered with the Dubai Municipality.

The following documents must be presented to the authorities for approval:

·      Authorization of Free Sales

·      Report on Ingredients/Laboratory Tests

·      Report on the investigation

·      Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

The products must pass a safety test conducted by the Dubai Municipality. The 'Tested Okay' products' associated documentation will be uploaded to the system, and the product will be registered.

After the municipality issues the Product Registration Certificate, the product is now ready for sale in the UAE market.


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