Non-Ferrous Metals Exports

Metal exporters in the USA have a steady supply of aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and much more. However, accessing the materials of these metal suppliers in the USA can be challenging on your own. The vast regulations around metal exporters in the USA and metal exporters offers a challenge for small and large companies.

Contracting with reliable copper suppliers and aluminum suppliers in the USA often requires intense negotiation. At Royale Global, we can help you find copper exporters, aluminum exporters, and more within the US, negotiate the deal, and handle the transportation of your new materials.

Steel Exports

Steel is in-demand products for construction, recycling, transport, and more. Steel is an iron alloy enriched with around 1% carbon and it is generally free of the impurities and residues that can otherwise be found in iron. While iron itself is stronger than other metals, it is remarkably heavy, dense, and prone to corrosion. For these reasons, purely iron structures can be difficult to build and maintain. Not only does adding carbon to iron mitigate these vulnerabilities, but it also makes the material stronger. Steel comes in four categories: Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Tool Steel. Each category of steel requires finesse to obtain the highest possible quality materials from metal exporters in the USA.

Royale Global can connect you to metal suppliers in the USA who are ready, willing and able supply the quantities you want at the prices you would not refuse. Royale Global then helps you transport the steel, whether it’s across a border or across the world.

Exotic Metals Exports

Exotic metals like Cobalt, Nickel and Titanium are critical to many devices we enjoy, but manufacturing for exotic metals is often complex. In addition, some of the world-renowned companies are in the USA, and signing an import deal for your company takes a significant amount of time. That delay can affect your profit margins.

While high-quality materials from manufacturers in the USA are the gold standard of exotic metals, negotiations, regulations and transport can pose new problems for each shipment. We can help you, and our committed team works hard to ensure all transactions flow smoothly.

Pure Metals Exports

Pure metals are those that have not been alloyed with other metals. We can supply pure metals in foils, strip, blanks, sheet, coil, plate, wire, rod and bar. Due to the scarcity of the some pure metals like platinum, finding the right supplier for what you have in mind requires dedicated research. All metals, all forms, all the time. Reach out to us if you have unique needs to discuss whether it's off the shelf items, highly specialized custom items, production to prototypes, or multi-year consistent supplies.

We have years of experience building mutually beneficial partnerships worldwide and connecting companies like yours to precisely what they need. See the difference we can make for your company and your balance sheet.

Working with
Royale Global

Royale Global is a US based exporter committed to bringing high-quality US goods to the world. We also help companies import what they need to and assist the global trade growth. We connect, negotiate, ship, and forward so you can focus on your business.

In every aspect of our export business, we offer:

Partnership – We’re committed to your success and work hard on your behalf
Commitment – Royale Global brings US products and materials to the world
Passion – We’re passionate about our commitment and helping you create success
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