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Automotive Exporter

We hand you the keys to business success by leveraging our vast expertise in the automotive exports industry. When you require American-based premium used vehicles, we find what you need using our expansive network of suppliers. Then we get it to you quickly and affordably, leveraging our regulatory knowledge and vast supplier and logistics network.

The Royale Treatment

We believe trading shouldn’t be difficult, especially when your business is on the line. We save you time and money by identifying US-based premium used cars for export.

Once we identify your cars, we navigate complex trade regulations for you using our deep industry insights, ensuring full compliance and you get the cars you need.

After we secure your cars, we handle all logistics leveraging our globally-renowned partners so all you need to do is step on the gas and enjoy accelerated profits for your dealership/company.


Royale Global Is A Professional Vehicle-Exporting Company

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In land transport

We take care of inland truck transportation of each vehicle we purchase from origin point to port of lading. We handle all logistics through our trusted partners that allows us to move cars quickly without any delays.

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We insure every car during inland transport process. We take care of any potential damage that might occur by road accident during inland transportation from purchase point to port of lading. You can also buy marine insurance to over the ocean transport.

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Ocean Freight

We take care of all ocean freight on all the orders. For compliance reasons, we do not give up control of the cars until they are put on the ship. We deliver a one-stop shop experience to increase efficiency and minimize your costs in this process.

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Customs Clearance

We take care of all legal paperwork for the entire export process - from car purchase to inland transport to ocean freight documents. When the ship leaves the US port, you will have everything available online in a timely manner.

Our Other Capabilities
(for existing clients)

Automotive Parts Exports

Royal Global is a trusted supplier of US-based aftermarket car parts. Aftermarket parts are those that do not come from the car’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM). OEM parts originate from aftermarket parts manufacturers and are divided into three categories: OEM replacement parts made by the OEM, aftermarket parts including performance parts for modification, and aftermarket accessories. Using our vast OEM parts network, we can help you identify and purchase the parts you and your clients are looking for.

Used Tire Exports

Providing quality used tires to your customers or for your business’ fleet can help you boost profit margins. Our extensive network of tire suppliers ensures that we care meet your needs, whether you require used passenger tires, light truck tires, virgin truck tires, regroovable truck tires, Off-The-Road (OTR) used tires from heavy vehicles and equipment, and agricultural used tires from tractors, harvesters and trailers. We also carry truck tire casings, OTR casings, and other specialty tires. All tires are sold by categories using a rating system that helps you easily find a product that meets your needs, ranging from Grade 1 (the best) to Grade 4 (most affordable).

Other Tire Products Exports

We can also source a variety of other tire products and export them directly to you, giving you the products needed to keep your manufacturing and supply chains firing on all cylinders.

Tire-derived fuel is composed of tire scraps in shredded or chipped form, with most of the tire's belts removed. Manufacturers turn to tire-derived fuel for its exceptional energy production and lower carbon emissions. Our partners include companies such as pulp and paper mills, steel mills, power plants, and those using cement kilns. Let us help you power your business’ future with quality tire-derived fuel.

Crumb rubber is recycled from scrap tires. Tires are reduced into small, uniform granules while removing any reinforcing materials and contaminates such as steel and fiber and dust, glass, or rock. Crumb rubber is used in various products, including floor mats, weightlifting plates, floor mats, playground products, vehicle mudguards, and more. We can supply you with the crumb rubber you need to keep your manufacturing processes moving full steam ahead.

Tire-derived aggregate is a recycled product made by reducing scrap tires into shreds. It is commonly used as a sustainable and cheaper alternative to conventional fill-in civil engineering projects. Uses on job sites include drainage material and permeable fill for infrastructure. Other common uses include septic systems, light rail systems, embankments, bridge abutments, and drainage for landfills. When your project requires sustainable, lightweight materials that can strengthen the foundation of your construction projects, look no further than us.

Our Services for Car Exports

Our Services include:
- Market Analysis, as necessary
- Pre-Purchase Inspections by experts
- Price Negotiation + Terms of the Purchase
- Legally Binding Purchase Agreements
- Paying off all loans and liens, if applicable
- Complete set of legal ownership documents
- Necessary clearance(s) for exporting
- Complete set of Export documentation
- Complete set of Freight documentation
- Our Experience + Knowledge + Network
- Follow up with the buyer for up to 60 days

The Truth

- You are wise to have someone represent your best interests in the United States.
- The sellers have their agents, brokers and lawyers, but who is looking out for your best interests in the United States?
- You should know what exactly you are paying for, and what you are getting in the end.
- We will save you time and hassle. You don’t have to go through this stressful process alone.
- Buying big ticket items for export from the United States work much differently than what you may think or believe.