The US-based International Trading Company

What We Do

We market a diverse range of commodities and products that originate out of the United States.

We physically source commodities and products from our US supplier base – and sell them to customers worldwide. This means taking care of all logistical steps required to meet the exact needs of our global clientele.

Expert export

We have forged solid relationships with US suppliers and international companies and built industry-leading expertise in core product categories. We help build better supply chains and better products.

Extensive market knowledge

With experience comes knowledge. We deal with buyers in dozens of markets across the globe. We know what it takes to get a certain product that is in abundance in US market to overseas markets where it is needed the most.

Culturally sensitive

Making deals in International Trade requires patience, expertise and sensitivity. Our team speaks a range of foreign languages and understanding local cultural nuances in a business environment is one of our core soft skills.

Legally compliant

We always use US law as the guiding law in our International Trading activities. Depending on the deal parameters, we may work with the US EXIM Bank, US Department of Commerce & US Department of Agriculture, among others.