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Want to export US-made products globally?

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We are a US-based export trading company that can facilitate everything—with efficiency and service.

Expert export

Across our years in the industry, we’ve forged solid relationships with hundreds of US and international companies, and built industry-leading expertise in a range of core product categories. We are committed to American-made, and to America. By helping US suppliers reap the rewards of global trade, we help build better supply chains, better products, and a better overall economy—meaning more and better jobs for Americans.

Products we trade

Extensive overseas market knowledge

With experience comes knowledge. Every month, we deal with countless buyers in dozens of markets across the globe, and the shipping companies that service them. We know exactly what it takes to get a certain product into a certain market, then undertake all the work to make your global trade operations seamless. All you need do is focus on creating the best products possible, stress-free.

Culturally sensitive

Making deals between the US and other nations takes patience, expertise and sensitivity. No two cultures are exactly alike, and many are starkly different. Our people speak a diverse range of languages, and understand local cultural nuances as well as their business needs. Straddling the best interests of a US-based supplier and the cultural requirements of buyers is one of our vital soft skills.

Legally compliant

The last thing your exporting activities need is legal concerns. That’s why we are fully compliant in all our global trading activities. Our strict internal policy is to always use US law as the guiding law in our international business operations. What’s more, we comply with all export restrictions imposed domestically, and sanctions mandated abroad. Among the many government agencies we work closely with are the Export-Import Bank of the United States, the United States Department of Commerce, and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Safe & secure

Would government-backed trade finance and export credit Insurance make it easier for your business to begin exporting? In most cases, we can secure a policy covering political and commercial losses of up to 95% of a shipment’s value. We can also arrange US-government backed access to credit for reliable foreign buyers—money which flows to your US business at the time of shipment. Knowing the finance is there from the start gives US suppliers extra confidence in competing for international trade.

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